Cido the clown is a member of the World Clown Association # 21572 and the Clowns of America International # 26938.

Cido the clown is also the president of the New York Clown Alley #88347 A group of about 35 of the most professional clowns in New York.

Cido The clown gets a lot of experience and training from clown conventions. For many years Cido the clown has been taking classes and special trainings to perfect the art of clowning.

In April of 2004 Cido traveled to New Mexico to attend a 5 day convention. Cido was able to train with the worlds best clowns. On September of 2004 Cido attended the Clownfest Convention in New Jersey with hundreds of other clowns from all over the world. Cido is a professional because he enjoys the art of clowning.

Recently, Cido visited to the Dominican Republic. Cido was on stage with Fernandito Villalona (one of the best singers in the Dominican Republic) in front of over 3000 people. This festival was the Carnaval in Santiago and was taped live in the Dominican Republic. Cido the clown also made a visit to a school with over 200 children and performed a magic show for all the children. Many of these children have never seen a clown so it was a great surprise for the children as well as Cido.

Thanks to Cido there will now be a clown alley in the Santiago area of the Dominican Republic. If your going to visit and need a good clown, Give Cido a call!

Cido likes to read books and articles about clowning. His dream is to go to Latin America and visit as many children in the hospital that he possibly can. "If i can make a difference in a person life, then I have done well and that's what I would like to do."

Anyone interested in joining the New York Clown Alley can call Cido at (917)723-3450 8:00am until 11:00pm. The New York Clown Alley meets the third Wednesday of every month at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens. Meetings start at 7:00pm and are alot of fun.

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